The CCCxHackSprint 2019 has a winner!

        Created: December 13, 2019. Updated: January 24, 2020.

        Targeting general contractors and building owners to track their carbon emissions in the same way they are tracking budget, both in proposal bids and in real time, was the winning team Carbon Neutral’s solution at the CCCxHacksprint.


        The winning team of the CCCxHackSprint together with Magnus B??rnhielm and Jenny Elfsberg

        The The winning team of the CCCxHackSprint together with CCC Project Manager Magnus B??rnhielm and Director Innovation Lab Jenny Elfsberg


        The CCCxHackSprint Decarbonizing Construction, a hackathon hosted by Construction Climate Challenge and Volvo Group Connected Solutions, was held at Hub335 in Silicon Valley on December 7-8, 2019. This Hackathon brought together multidisciplinary teams to innovate and simplify CO2 impact assessment for the construction industry.


        The Challenge

        While the construction industry is making progress in reducing operational carbon emissions, more effort is needed to eliminate embodied carbon emissions from building material production, transport and site operations. The Hack Sprint challenge was particularly focused on the transport of material to and from the construction site as well as operations on the site itself.


        Teams and judges

        Teams comprised of participants from all disciplines and backgrounds such as engineers, developers, and designers, who have a passion for clean tech solutions and innovation, were given the challenge to build an original digital tool to impact real world construction projects.? After two days of intensive work the results were presented in a pitch format in front of an external jury comprised of experts representing a solid mix of relevant competence and experience.

        “For us, it was so invigorating to dive into the problem with experts in the field dealing with it on the ground. We loved collaborating on these kinds of iterative projects with industry experts to really create positive change,” said Sam Heiserman, a member of the Climate Mitigation Associates team.


        The winning solution

        The winning team was Team Carbon Neutral, who, according to the jury, presented the best, most deployable and user-friendly software solution. The winners were awarded the prize check and a six-month membership at Hub335 – the Volvo Group Connected Solutions Innovation Lab located in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

        Carbon Neutral’s solution is targeted for general contractors and building owners to track their carbon emission in the same way they track budgets – both in proposal bids and in real time. It will allow them to make informed budget decisions based both on carbon emission as well as monetary budget.

        Magnus B??rnhielm, the CCC Program Manager, said, “To do a Hackathon from a CCC perspective here in Silicon Valley is to complement other CCC activities and proofed to be very fruitful. It has brought experiences from other industries and competences into the decarbonizing of the Construction Industry.”

        Congrats to team Carbon Neutral and everyone who participated!



        About CCC

        The Construction Climate Challenge (CCC) is an initiative hosted by Volvo Construction Equipment to promote sustainability throughout the entire construction industry value chain and provide funding for environmental research. The Construction Climate Challenge is a part of the Volvo CE commitment to WWF’s Climate Savers Program. Volvo Construction Equipment is a Corporate Advisory Board member of the World Green Building Council.