A dark grey asphalt road with white lines

        New report says it is possible for road construction to be close to carbon neutral by 2045

        Created: January 24, 2020. Updated: January 24, 2020.

        With the best technologies and practices available today, it is technically possible to halve CO2 emissions from road construction, as well as reduce them by more than three quarters by 2030 and achieve close to net zero emissions by 2045.

        The paper – “Reaching net-zero carbon emissions in construction supply chains – Analysis of a Swedish road construction project” – assesses the potential for reducing the climate impact of road construction. The proposed solutions include increased recycling of steel, asphalt and aggregates; enhanced use of alternative binders in concrete; use of sustainably produced second-generation biofuels; and other policy measures and procurement strategies. Learn more in the report here.

        Read more about Road 44, which the study is based on here.?