About the research

        Research is at the heart of the Construction Climate Challenge. Through supporting and initiating research projects in areas with relevance to our industry, the initiative acts as a bridge between the construction industry and sustainability research. We promote collaborations between researchers, companies and organizations. We also publish research papers and offer in-depth documentation of the projects.

        Research Results

        Research Areas

        The following four research areas are in focus for the CCC Research:

        Resource and Energy Efficiency

        Resource & Energy efficiency is about reducing CO2 footprint and protecting Earth’s limited resources?measured across the construction life cycle.? Across the construction value chain this means reducing?the environmental impact of production, transport and use/re-use of building materials and waste, use?of construction equipment as well as from the structures that are built etc.

        Research topics within Resource & Energy efficiency include but are not limited to:

        ? Construction process

        ? Building materials

        ? Transport and logistics

        ? Construction equipment

        ? Construction in different regions

        ? Recycling and reducing construction waste

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        Collaboration along the value chain

        Collaboration along the Value Chain is about means of collaboration to minimize the overall?environmental footprint through a common “language” and definitions, procurement requirements,?competence transfer etc. It is about establishing agreed frameworks incl. objectives and methods for?measurement and follow up.

        Research topics within Collaboration along the Value Chain include but are not limited to:

        ? Public and private procurement requirement setting

        ? Standardized tools and measurements

        ? Drivers of mind-set change

        ? Sustainability incentives

        ? Certification systems for buildings and infrastructure

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        Circular Business Models

        Circular Business Models help us use Earth’s limited resources in a more efficient way. By developing?and deploying alternative business models, we can move towards more environmentally sustainable?solutions, while maintaining and enhancing competitiveness and profitability.

        Research topics within Circular Business Models include but are not limited to:

        ? Functional and service sales

        ? Life cycle management

        ? Decision-making

        ? Responsible sourcing

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        Innovation & Emerging Technologies

        Innovations and new technologies are vital in creating breakthroughs in reducing environmental?footprint. To succeed we need to rethink how we operate our business and drive sustainable thinking.?Apart from a mindset change, if we are to succeed in significantly reducing the CO2 footprint and use?of resources, new technologies are needed as well.

        Research areas within Innovation & Emerging Technologies include but are not limited to:

        ? Renewable CO2 neutral power sources

        ? Methods and tools

        ? Energy storage

        ? Production techniques

        ? New materials

        ? Development processes

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