The Construction Climate Challenge


        Be part of the solution

        The Construction Climate Challenge (CCC) is an initiative hosted by Volvo Construction Equipment to promote sustainability throughout the entire construction industry value chain, from extraction and production of building materials, construction and utilization to demolition and recycling.

        We create dialogue

        Through communication and hosting of events, seminars and summits we aim to? create a dialogue between stakeholders such as industry representatives, academics and authorities etc.

        We fund research

        In areas with relevance to the industry we fund research projects and act as a bridge between the construction industry and sustainability research.

        We share knowledge

        We engage stakeholders and encourage the industry to make a difference.


        Volvo CE has long been committed to reducing harmful emissions from its products and facilities, but climate change is too big of an issue to be dealt with through the resources of one company alone. As summarized already in 1972 by former Volvo Group President and CEO Pehr G. Gyllenhammar, ‘We are part of the problem – but we are also part of the solution’.

        Video Interview:?Martin Weissburg, President of Volvo Construction Equipment, talks about the impact of the construction industry on climate change, why Volvo Construction Equipment is hosting the Construction Climate Challenge initiative and how it aims to involve the industry’s entire value chain.


        Latest Construction Climate Talks