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        Gothenburg, Sweden | Jun 19, 2018

        CCC Summit 2018

        The Road to Carbon Neutral Infrastructure

        On June 19, 2018 the Construction Climate Challenge Summit took place in Gothenburg. The theme for the Summit was “The Road to Carbon Neutral Infrastructure”.

        Read the press release from the summit here.?

        Sweden’s new Climate Act came into force 1 January 2018 joining other countries, such as the United Kingdom, who have been pioneering their own Climate Acts. The new Act will impact on all sectors of society, including the building and infrastructure sectors. Within these sectors several initiatives are under way and more will come to manage carbon emissions. The ultimate goal is Carbon Neutrality.

        The CCC Summit 2018/Hi-dagen 2018* was an international conference jointly organized by the Construction Climate Challenge (CCC) initiative and the Sweden Green Building Council – Sustainable Infrastructure. It aimed to identify the solutions to deliver carbon neutral infrastructure by bringing together representatives from the infrastructure construction value chain, academics, authorities and other stakeholders to share best practice, new innovations and explore opportunities for collaboration.


        *) The last three years SGBC has arranged the yearly Sustainable Infrastructure Day (Hi-dagen) for the Swedish infrastructure industry. The CCC Summit 2018 was a co-arrangement between SGBC and CCC for an international audience. The first CCC Summit was held 2015 in Gothenburg, since then several CCC seminars have been held around the world.



        Welcome & Moderator Introduction

        Session 1:

        The Road to Carbon Neutral Infrastructure

        • Where is Carbon in Infrastructure?
        • The Roadmap for a Carbon Neutral Building- and Infrastructure Sector in Sweden
        • The UK and Anglian Water Journey – Reduce Carbon, Reduce Cost

        Session 2:

        Client Perspectives: Planning, Procurement and Realization

        • International Case Studies and Best Practice
        • Examples of Drivers and Requirements
        • Carbon Management Tools and Guidance

        Session 3:

        Supply Chain Perspectives: Design, Construction and Supply

        • International Case Studies and Best Practice
        • Examples of Solutions and Innovations

        Session 4:

        Value Chain Collaboration for Carbon Neutrality

        4.1: CCC Research Projects Discussion:?

        • Value Chain Collaboration and Tools

        4.2: Concluding Panel

        Final address

        Welcoming hosts

        Cecilia Ehrenborg Williams

        CEO, Sweden Green Building Council/SGBC

        Cecilia Ehrenborg Williams, CEO, Sweden Green Building Council (SGBC), explains the purpose of the CCC Summit 2018, and why collaboration across industries is needed to drive disruptive change.

        In her opening address to the CCC Summit 2018, Cecilia Ehrenborg Williams, CEO, Sweden Green Building Council (SGBC) shares some examples of sustainable urban development, as well as her hopes that the summit will inspire more international collaborations to deliver carbon neutral infrastructure.

        Cecilia is the CEO of Sweden Green Building Council, a non-profit organization with members from the Swedish construction and real estate industries as its stakeholders…

        …SGBC is open to anyone with the intent of developing and influencing the transformative work needed for the places we live, work, play and learn. Prior to SGBC, Cecilia was the deputy CEO and head of criteria development at the Swedish Secretariat of the Nordic Ecolabelling organization (Milj?m?rkning Sverige) which develops, maintains and promotes the Nordic Ecolabel and the European Ecolabel. Cecilia holds a Masters of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Studies. She brings over 20 years of experience working with sustainability issues from roles at a broad range of industries

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        Thomas Bitter

        Senior Vice President, Marketing and Product Portfolio, Volvo Construction Equipment

        Thomas Bitter explains why Volvo Construction Equipment is proactively pushing for low carbon infrastructure, and what it hopes to achieve through the CCC.

        When it comes to the environment, Volvo Construction Equipment wants to be part of the solution, not the problem. Thomas Bitter, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Product Portfolio, shares some of the company’s initiatives and ambitions, including reducing CO2 emissions by seven million tonnes by 2020.

        Thomas Bitter has been Senior Vice President, Marketing and Product Portfolio for Volvo CE since August 1st, 2015…

        …Based in Brussels, Thomas is responsible for the coordination of products, product planning, global marketing and brand management. Reporting to company president Melker Jernberg, Thomas is also a member of Volvo CE’s Executive Management Team (EMT).

        Prior to his current role Thomas was Vice-President of Global Marketing.? Before that, based in Singapore, he was Director of Key Account Customer Business for China, India, South Korea and South East Asia. He has worked for the Volvo Group since 1995, joining Renault Trucks in France followed by a posting at Mack Trucks, based in the US. Thomas, a German national, holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Berlin and an MBA from the Business School of Lyon, France.

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        Dr. Paul Toyne

        Expert on environment issues and sustainable development

        Dr. Paul Toyne, expert and independent adviser on environmental and sustainable development, highlights the key issues to emerge from the summit and explains why he leaves with a sense of optimism and hope.

        Dr. Paul Toyne kicks off the CCC Summit 2018 by outlining the event’s objectives, followed by an attempt to make #CCCSummit go viral on social media.

        Dr. Paul Toyne provides an overview of the current status of climate change and carbon emissions, an analysis of where carbon is within infrastructure, and the key challenges to removing it.

        Dr Paul Toyne is an independent adviser supporting all aspects of the design and construction value chain to improve environmental and sustainability performance and deliver commercial benefits…

        …He is a London Sustainable Development Commissioner appointed by the Mayor. Chair of Constructing Excellence’s Sustainability Forum and a member of the UK Green Construction Board’s infrastructure working group. Previously, Paul has worked in design, construction and development – holding posts as Group Director of Sustainability for both Balfour Beatty and WSP Group, and was Head of Sustainability for Bovis Lend Lease in the UK – providing expertise in both project and corporate levels.

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        Agneta Wannerstr?m

        Project Leader, “Roadmap for a Carbon Neutral Building- and Infrastructure Sector”, Skanska Sweden

        Agneta Wannerstr?m, Senior Manager for Carbon Neutrality at Skanska Sweden, highlights the importance of Sweden’s Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality 2045, and how Skanska Sweden, along with the rest of the construction industry, is contributing.

        Agneta Wannerstr?m, Senior Manager for Carbon Neutrality at Skanska Sweden, explains what will need to be done if Sweden is to fulfil its ambition of being carbon neutral by 2045.

        Agneta Wannerstr?m is Senior Manager for Carbon Neutrality at Skanska Sweden, focusing on sustainable business development in Skanska since 2006…

        …She is also a Project Leader for the “Roadmap for a Carbon Neutral Building- and Infrastructure Sector” in Sweden. Between 1996-2006 she was a senior advisor in sustainable development at The Natural Step.

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        Chris Newsome OBE

        Director Asset Management, Anglian Water

        Chris Newsome, shares his personal experience with driving carbon reductions for Anglian Water and shows how reducing carbon does not cost money – it saves money.

        Panel discussion, Session 1

        Chris Newsome is Director of Asset Management at Anglian Water and was appointed in September 2004…

        …He is a civil engineer by profession and has spent the vast majority of his career within the water industry, planning for, designing and delivering capital programmes of work and managing the asset base. He is Chairman of @one Alliance, Chairman of UK Water Industry Research Ltd and President of the Institute of Asset Management. He is also a member of the Government’s Green Construction Board and is Chairman of the Infrastructure Group. Chris is a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers and of the Institute of Asset Management and a member of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management. He was awarded the OBE for services to Civil Engineering and carbon reduction in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list 2017.

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        Agneta Wannerstr?m, Skanska Sweden and Chris Newsome, Anglican Water, field questions and share their respective experiences when it comes to reducing carbon in construction and infrastructure projects.

        H?kan Johansson

        Coordinator Climate Mitigation, Swedish Transport Administration

        As Coordinator Climate Mitigation for the Swedish Transport Administration, H?kan Johansson has an important role to play in fulfilling Sweden’s Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality 2045. Here he explains how carbon in infrastructure can be reduced through the procurement process.

        H?kan Johansson is coordinator for climate mitigation at Swedish Transport Administration…

        …H?kan has worked with climate mitigation in the transport sector as an expert since the mid 1990’s. The work has included development of scenarios, strategies, measures and policy instrument for how the transport sector can reach the climate objectives. During last four years he has led the work within the Transport Administration of setting goals and developing procurement criteria with the long term goal of a climate neutral infrastructure in 2045.

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        Ingeborg Ligtenberg

        Senior Project Manager Mega Projects, Rijkswaterstaat

        The A6 Almere road expansion project in The Netherlands is a great example of how sustainability can be improved through the procurement and tendering process. Ingeborg Ligtenberg, Senior Project Manager Mega Projects, Rijkswaterstaat explains how they managed to reduce both carbon and waste.

        Ingeborg Ligtenberg is working for Rijkswaterstaat at the Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment in The Netherlands…

        …Ingeborg was responsible for the road expansion project A6 Almere, which is part of the SAA (Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere) Corridor program. With this project Rijkswaterstaat received the Procura+ award for the best green public tender procedure.

        Prior to joining Rijkswaterstaat in 2012 Ingeborg was responsible for several construction projects in the private sector at various locations on several continents. Her experience includes managing a mine construction project for BHP Billiton in Suriname, South-America, the construction of several fuel outlets and maintenance projects in Africa for Shell. After graduating at the Delft University of Technology as Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Ingeborg started her career at Royal Boskalis, a leading global dredging and maritime services company. Ingeborg is an energetic, no-nonsense people manager and is always on the look-out for opportunities to optimize projects, from a client perspective, and to strengthen the relationships with stakeholders, communities and the construction industry.

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        Rebecca Johansson

        Climate expert, FUT/Specialist Sustainable Infrastructure, WSP

        In her role as Sustainability Manager for the Stockholm Subway Extension – one of Sweden’s largest infrastructure projects – Rebecca Johansson has overseen significant reductions in both carbon emission and costs.

        Rebecca has a M.Sc. in Sociotechnical Systems Engineering and a B.Sc. in Business and Economics, both from Uppsala University in Sweden…

        …Rebecca has extensive experience of CEEQUAL –?Sustainability Assessment and Awards for civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and the public realm. She also has experience from international work as she has evaluated CEEQUAL in projects overseas. Rebecca’s work experience includes developing a systematic working method for sustainability declaration of infrastructure projects for the Swedish Transport Administration. Rebecca is currently working as Sustainability manager for the Stockholm Subway Extension – The Yellow Line. Among others, she is responsible for?carbon footprint and working with reducing the projects impact.

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        Ian Nicholson

        Director of CEEQUAL Infrastructure, BRE

        Ian Nicholson, Director of CEEQUAL, a sustainability rating scheme for infrastructure, provides insights into how the new version – CEEQUAL 2018 – intends to drive carbon reductions.

        Ian Nicholson trained originally as a civil engineer and has worked in the construction industry for over 30 years…

        …He has been involved in CEEQUAL since its inception as an R&D project at the Institution of Civil Engineers where he represented Anglian Water on the Project Steering Group. After leaving Anglian Water he became a member of the CEEQUAL Management team initially as Technical Manager and then Technical Director in 2006 a role he retained until earlier this year when he took over leading the CEEQUAL team in BRE. In addition to CEEQUAL Ian is experienced in the development of environmental management systems; life cycle assessment techniques such as ecological and carbon footprinting; responsible and ethical sourcing of construction products; and learning and development of sustainability skills.He also sits on the BSi Sustainability in Construction Technical Committee (B/558), and is UK Expert to both the ISO and CEN Working Groups on Sustainability Indicators for Civil Engineering (ISO/TC17/SC59/WG5 and CEN TC350/WG6).

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        Panel discussion, Session 2

        H?kan Johansson, Ingeborg Ligtenberg, Rebecca Johansson and Ian Nicholson – all of whom work with reducing carbon in large-scale infrastructure projects – field questions from attendees and delve deepener into their own respective experiences.

        Jenny Elfsberg

        Director Emerging Technologies, Volvo Construction Equipment

        Jenny Elfsborg, Director Emerging Technologies, Volvo Construction Equipment, explains how an idea from a research engineer during his downtime, evolved into the Electric Site project. Through exploration, collaboration and innovation, Volvo CE has developed a concept that could transform the industry.

        Jenny Elfsberg has been the Director of Volvo Construction Equipment’s (Volvo CE) Emerging Technologies organization since May 2009…

        …She is responsible for the ‘explore’ phase in the Advanced Engineering process at Volvo CE and works to build knowledge and invent the future of the construction industry. Starting out as an Application Engineer and Leader for Volvo Powertrain, Jenny has worked for the Volvo Group for 19 years.

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        Carl Zide

        Head of Loop Rocks

        By creating an online marketplace for rocks, soil and other building materials, Loop Rocks is helping reduce landfill as well as help construction companies save on carbon emissions and costs. Carl Zide, Head of Loop Rocks, explains how it works.

        Carl Zide is Head of Loop Rocks – The largest marketplace in the Nordics for the reuse of stone materials, soil and other filling masses…

        …The users of Loop Rocks have so far handled over 2 million tonnes of materials saving millions of euros in transportation and material costs and up to 10 200 tonnes of?CO2. Carl has over fifteen years of experience from leading roles at fast-growing technology companies and the world’s largest companies within gambling, dating and e-commerce. In previous positions, Carl has been in charge of building two-sided marketplaces, customer acquisition,?and brand strategy in some of the most competitive online industries.

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        Anna Lundstr?m

        Project Manager, Skellefte? Municipality

        Anna Lundstr?ms responsibilities are to lead and manage the projects according to the set goals through timely and cost-effectively manner towards its completion. Such project includes mainly roads, parks and even bridges for the local community.

        David Nordberg

        Site Manager, Skanska Sweden

        MSc in Civil Engineering David Nordberg was Site Manager at the award winning project V?stra Eriksberg which won a price at Sweden Green Building Awards 2017…

        …The project also won the Skanska Sweden’s Sustainability Award 2017.

        The project is a development project in Skellefte?, Sweden for 79 houses where Skanska does all the infrastructure in the area.

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        Anna Lundstr?m, Skellefte? Municipality and David Nordberg, Skanska Sweden, explain the various initiatives in the development of the V?stra Eriksberg residential area, which won it a Sweden Green Building Award in 2017.

        Heleni Pantelidou

        Dr. Associate Director Infrastructure, Arup

        Heleni Pantelidou, Associate Director at Arup, explains the importance of low carbon infrastructure, and how good design can influence its operational lifecycle for years to come.

        In her designers’ perspective on low carbon infrastructure, Heleni Pantelidou, Associate Director at Arup, shows that by thinking about the carbon in an entire system, rather than in individual parts of that system, far greater savings can be achieved.

        Heleni is an Associate Director at Arup, leading a team of Infrastructure engineers in London…

        …She has considerable experience in the design and problem-solving of a wide range of building and civil engineering projects. She is an enthusiastic promoter of Low Carbon Infrastructure, advancing and coordinating sustainable design and whole life carbon strategies. She combines her deep engineering knowledge with her belief that the construction industry is key in reducing carbon in the built environment; she works with major infrastructure projects and clients to realize whole life value through design.? She believes that mastering resource efficiency while recognizing interdependencies of infrastructure systems is key in decarbonizing.?She has been extensively involved in research and development work, supervising academic research on infrastructure low carbon. She is the Regional Sustainability Skills Leader in Arup, providing a common sustainability framework across the built environment.

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        Lara Young

        Group Carbon Manager, Costain

        For suppliers and contractors in any major constriction or infrastructure project, the ability to demonstrate tangible carbon reductions is fast becoming mandatory. Lara Young, Group Carbon Manager, Costain, shares some practical examples of how they have been able to help their clients deliver both carbon and cost savings.

        Lara Young is Group Carbon Manager for Costain Group…

        …Her role is to embed carbon management and?drive the delivery of whole life low carbon solutions across the Costain Group. To achieve this she is challenging existing business models and processes to ensure sustainability is designed and integrated into infrastructure systems.

        Lara graduated with a BSc in Biology from Bayonne University and an MBA in Environmental Management & Sustainable Development from La Rochelle International Business School in France. Lara is the Project Leader for integrating the world’s first standard for managing infrastructure carbon,?PAS 2080 within the Costain Group and Costain Value Chain.

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        Mats Wendel

        Innovation Advisor, Swerock AB/Peab Asfalt AB

        Mats Wendel, Innovation Advisor for Swerock and Peab Asfalt, shows how Peab Asfalt was able to reduce the climate impact of its asphalt production in Sweden by half in three years.

        Mats Wendel is a Certified European Professional Engineer, who has worked with Road Pavements for more than 25 years…

        …He is active in a number of technical committees in Sweden as well as internationally. He has been a workgroup leader in a World Road Association / PIARC technical committee, and is currently an active member of EAPA, European Asphalt Pavement Association. Earlier in his career, he worked for the Swedish Road Administration, seeing the road owner side of the business. In 2008, Mats moved with his family to Minnesota, USA, for a work exchange. The purpose of this was to share the best practices between the two countries. At Peab, he works as an Innovation Advisor focusing on Asphalt, Cement concrete and Gravel & Rock production. Peab is one of the leading Nordic construction and civil engineering companies with approximately 15,000 employees.

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        Panel discussion, Session 3

        Lara Young, Heleni Pantelidou and Mats Wendel discuss how the construction and infrastructure industries need to change when it comes to carbon reduction, and the challenges involved in trying to make those changes happen.

        Stefan Uppenberg

        Multidisciplinary Project Manager, WSP

        Stefan has a M.Sc. in Environmental and Aquatic Engineering, and 20 years experience of working with sustainability in infrastructure projects…

        …His focus area is development and implementation of methods, tools and requirements for carbon management based on life cycle assessment, LCA, for infrastructure projects. He has also been a driving force for developing sustainability management and the use of sustainability assessment schemes, like CEEQUAL, within WSP and Sweden Green Building Council (SGBC) for clients like Trafikverket (National transport administration), Skanska, NCC and other actors in the Swedish civil engineering sector.

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        Anna Kadefors

        Professor at the Department of Real Estate and Construction Management, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH

        Anna Kadefors is a Professor at the Department of Real Estate and Construction Management at KTH…

        …Her main research interests are related to inter-organizational trust, collaboration and sustainability in the built environment. Other research projects concern how clients and property owners organize their innovation management functions, as well as models for collaborative innovation in industry-academia relationships in this sector. She is currently the project leader of the Formas Strong Research Environment ProcSIBE, Procurement for Sustainable Innovation in the Built Environment (2014-2019), which is a transdisciplinary research platform involving five Swedish universities.

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        Anna Kadefors, Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Stefan Uppenberg, Multidisciplinary Project Manager, WSP, provide an introduction to the Impres project. The industry-academia collaboration that looks at how procurement requirements can be used to drive carbon reductions in infrastructure.

        Matthew Brander

        Dr. Lecturer in Carbon Accounting, University of Edinburgh Business School

        Matthew is a Lecturer in Carbon Accounting at the University of Edinburgh’s Business School…

        …His current research focuses on the development of methods for corporate, product (life cycle assessment), project and policy-level greenhouse gas accounting.? He has particular interest in bioenergy, the construction sector, electricity accounting, greenhouse gas removal, and land use baselines. He is the Programme Director for the Business School’s MSc in Carbon Finance, and is Principal Investigator for the Construction Infrastructure Transformation Tool (CITT) project, funded by the Construction Climate Challenge initiative.? He has served as a member of several technical working groups for the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), and is on the peer review panel for BEIS/Defra’s emission factors publication for company reporting. Prior to his current position Matthew worked for over seven years in carbon management and greenhouse gas assessment at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management, and at Ecometrica.

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        Noemi Arena

        Dr. Sustainable Engineering Manager, Costain

        Dr Noemi Arena is the Sustainable Engineering Manager for Costain Group…

        Her role is to integrate holistic sustainability solutions into core business processes of the group and its client base.

        Noemi graduated in Chemical Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II and in 2016 she has been awarded as Doctor in Sustainability for Engineering & Energy Systems at the University of Surrey.

        She has over six years of experience in process and product design and sustainable solutions in the engineering field.

        She is expert in Life Cycle Management, Life Cycle Assessment, Circular economy, Eco-Design and Product Design, Energy Conversion, Carbon Emissions Management, Waste Management and Resource Optimization. She has also experience with Material/Substance Flow Analysis (MFA/SFA) related to different environmental and process engineering.

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        Matthew Brander, Carbon Accounting at the University of Edinburgh Business School and Noemi Arena, Sustainable Engineering Manager, Costain, give a presentation on CITT (Construction Infrastructure Transformation Tool), an online, open access carbon calculator.

        Mats Landén

        Head of Corporate Partnerships, WWF Sweden

        Mats Landén, Head of Corporate Partnerships, WWF Sweden, shares his reflections from the CCC Summit, and what is required to create change in the industry.

        With more than 20 years experience of innovation, business development and strategic partnerships from the FMCG industry, sustainability consulting and NGO’s, Mats is a strong believer in bi- and multilateral partnerships as a way to achieve greater success…

        …Mats has a special interest in creating transformational changes in industries with the biggest environmental footprint and most complex value chains, often where challenges are the greatest.

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        Terri Wills

        CEO, World Green Building Council, WGBC

        Terri Wills is the CEO of the World Green Building Council…

        …She is responsible for developing and implementing the strategy for the organization, and working with the Board of Directors, its various Committees, and the staff. Terri reports directly to the Chair of WorldGBC. Previously, Terri was with the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group where she spearheaded C40’s networks that have had a direct impact on policy in over half of C40 cities. Terri also served as the London City Director for the Clinton Climate Initiative, worked with the Government of Ontario on clean technology and creative industry development, and worked for the BBC as a Head of Strategy. In March 2017, Terri was named as one of?10 women?leading the global push towards climate action, gender equality?and social justice for all by?Eco-Business.

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        Christina Lindb?ck

        Senior Vice President Corporate Sustainability, NCC Group

        Christina Lindb?ck has a master of law from Stockholm University…

        …She is the senior vice president of Corporate Sustainability for the NCC Group – the leading construction company in the Nordic region – and is managing the strategic work with sustainability issues. Christina is also the Chairperson of the Board of the Swedish Company Milj?m?rkning Sverige AB hosting the Nordic Ecolabel Svanen and the European Eco Label the EU flower. She is a member of the Board of Axfoundation, a foundation working for sustainable development supporting the companies in the Axson Johnson business group. Prior to this role Christina has been the SVP of Environment and Quality at the Nordic recycling company Ragn-Sells AB and prior to that she held a director’s position at the Swedish Ministry of Environment for eleven years. In this position she was among other roles the Swedish delegate in the Board for the European Environmental Agency (EEA)

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        Terri Wills, Mats Landén, Christina Lindb?ck, Chris Newsome and Ingeborg Ligtenberg share their reflections and main take-aways from CCC Summit 2018, before discussing the main challenges moving forward.


        The Construction Climate Challenge is an initiative hosted by Volvo Construction Equipment to promote sustainability throughout the entire construction industry value chain and provide funding for environmental research.

        The Construction Climate Challenge is part of Volvo CE’s commitment to WWF’s Climate Savers Program. Volvo CE is also member of the World Green Building Council Advisory Board.

        Sweden Green Building Council?is a non-profit organization owned by its members, open to all companies andorganizations within the Swedish construction and real es

        tate sector who wish to develop and influence environmental and sustainability work in the industry. We are an established member of the World Green Building Council since 2011. Read more about the Swedish Green Building Council here.

        Sustainable Infrastructure (H?llbar infrastruktur)?is a joint industry organization for sustainable development within the Swedish Civil Engineering Industry. Sustainable Infrastructure is a part of Sweden Green Building Council.



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