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        24 January 2020

        New report says it is possible for road construction to be close to carbon neutral by 2045

        With the best technologies and practices available today, it is technically possible to halve CO2 emissions from road construction, as well as reduce them by more than three quarters by 2030 and achieve close to net zero emissions by 2045. The paper – “Reaching net-zero carbon emissions in construction supply chains – Analysis of a […]

        17 January 2020

        Road built with 19 per cent lower carbon dioxide emissions

        When road 44 in Sweden needed to be rebuilt, for the first time the Swedish transport administration decided to set clear climate requirements in the procurement. The construction firm Skanska won the assignment and successfully reduced carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 19 per cent.? Read the research report about the project here. Road […]

        13 December 2019

        The CCCxHackSprint 2019 has a winner!

        Targeting general contractors and building owners to track their carbon emissions in the same way they are tracking budget, both in proposal bids and in real time, was the winning team Carbon Neutral’s solution at the CCCxHacksprint.   ? The CCCxHackSprint Decarbonizing Construction, a hackathon hosted by Construction Climate Challenge and Volvo Group Connected Solutions, […]

        6 November 2019

        New research holds potential for step change in carbon management of infrastructure projects

        November 6, the Carbon Infrastructure Transformation Tool (CITT) Project released its report on research conducted and launched the next stage of development for a tool that could help deliver a step change in carbon management on infrastructure projects. Click here to take part of the slides from the conference. Click here to watch the highlight […]

        4 November 2019

        Hackathon coming up

        Engineers, developers and designers with a passion for clean tech solutions and hacking are invited to participate in the free Construction Climate Challenge and Volvo Group Connected Solutions hackathon in Silicon Valley Dec 7-8. Welcome to innovate and simplify CO2 impact assessment for the construction industry. Learn more and apply here.?

        4 September 2019

        Focusing on the whole life cycle key to achieving carbon reductions

        Already today, with existing technology and materials, it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions from infrastructure and housing projects by up to 50 per cent. However, everyone in the value chain needs to contribute their share, particular in the early phases. In recent years, Maria Brogren, Director, Sustainability & Innovation, WSP Sweden, has seen a […]

        8 July 2019

        Construction Climate Challenge Supports Innovation through California Climate Cup

        The Construction Climate Challenge, hosted by Volvo Construction Equipment, and Volvo Group North America recently sponsored the California Climate Cup, a competition to promote innovative startup entrepreneurs whose companies address climate resilience and carbon reduction measures. The California Climate Cup spotlighted startups during competitions in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento. Those selected to compete […]

        13 June 2019

        Will procurement requirements be the solution for carbon reduction in infrastructure projects?

        Are procurement requirements the answer to carbon reduction in infrastructure construction projects? The recently finalized research project Impres has the answer and gives its recommendations on how to achieve greater carbon reductions. Download the full report here. Stefan Uppenberg, Project Manager for the Impres project and Sustainability Consultant at WSP, gives his recommendations to the […]

        3 June 2019

        How the Netherlands constructed its first carbon-neutral highway

        Through public-private collaboration, and by setting clear and ambitious targets, the A6 project resulted in the first carbon-neutral highway ever built in the Netherlands. But it is unlikely to be the last as lessons from the project will be applied to future tendering processes. From the very beginning of the A6 highway extension project, which […]

        2 May 2019

        Procurement requirements to reduce emissions in infrastructure projects

        To reach Sweden’s national climate reduction goals the Swedish Transport Administration has implemented them into the procurement of all new construction projects. Sweden has a national goal to be climate neutral by 2045. To be able to reach that the Swedish Transport Administration (STA) has set up intermediate goals, which include a 15 percent reduction […]

        25 April 2019

        CITT carbon tool reduces carbon and cost

        In terms of supply chain engagement, linking carbon to cost allows for a quick assessment of commercial benefits linked to low carbon interventions leading to a quick and easy engagement with suppliers. The Carbon Infrastructure Transformation Tool (CITT) research project has released a new white paper. The examples in the white paper were developed by […]

        1 April 2019

        “Carbon does not have to be a tricky topic”

        There is sometimes a lot of confusion surrounding the topic of carbon. It’s an invisible material that not everyone is used to working with. But it doesn’t have to be that difficult. ?Lara Young explains why.

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